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Teaching Self Protection Against Violence

We teach you the realities of asocial violence including improving your situational awareness, and how to protect yourself or others against another without concern for size or weapons.  

Where We Began

In 2006 a NYS teacher with an extensive background in asocial street violence combatives and Executive Protection decided we needed a better way to teach educators to protect our children in our schools.  Thus was born our flagship training seminar; our trademarked TEACHSAFE: Escape, Evade, Engage program.  Last year we trained more than 700 educators and childcare professionals in this program.  We quickly followed this initiative and developed our Project Athena program to teach women the skills to counter sexual assault.  

Since that time we have expanded upon request into POST approved Law Enforcement and First Responder training and have expanded training to include ECQ Firearms training featuring SIRT and UTM training platforms for the everyone.

Learn to Survive Asocial Violence - ACT NOW

We teach a principle driven system of combatives that relies upon reflexive human physiological responses to stop violent criminals.  Tactical Articulation Control Combatives (TAC2) includes unarmed, armed and improvised weapons use that is quick to learn and easy to recall under high stress.  

Learn how to see bad situations developing and get out before things go wrong.  Learn to stop asocial predators using nothing but your own body, or how to effectively employ your own sidearm using a live fire simulator that converts your pistol into a safe training tool that simulates EXACTLY what you'll be doing if faced with a real scenario.

And learn it in hours not years.

Call or email to find out about booking a training event with us and learn to protect yourself, your family and others who rely on you.  We can travel to your location whether in the United States, Canada or OCONUS.


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Feel free to contact us and come out to see what we do.  We conduct edged weapons use and defense classes at Hillman's Martial Arts Center on Brockton Dr. in Lockport NY Thursdays at 6:45 p.m.

All other times, we request that you schedule appointments as we will not interrupt private lessons or seminars because we believe that people who are paying us to teach deserve our undivided attention. Thank you for understanding.

Imminent Threat Defense Systems LLC

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On the Right To Self-Protection

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